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Hi guys I have a 2007 zx14r motor has 26000kms and I have put it's in a buggy.... But it has no power throttle wide open and gos no we're splatters and stays at 2000rpms and then slowly starts moving then once it get momentum it picks up speed but still has no power??
It has a big air box with ram air intake
Has "No" error codes on the dash...

I bought it from a wrecker with side damage on the clutch/timing cover side .... It had a Brocken timing sprocket so I replaced that and a other timing chain and guides ... I also did the valve clearances checked and replaced all to spec now.... New spark plugs... Checked piston compression all to spec... Sync the throttle body's ...has new battery...replaced the Magneto as it wasn't working!!

Last thing I did was replaced the throttle body's with another "SET" so in other words replace all the electric sensors ...fuel injectors....throttle body wiring harness....etc

I got no idea what it could be now any help would be much appreciate!!

Only thing different from the bike set up ... It has a custom set of extractors with a straight threw muffler!
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