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zx10r or r1?

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Sorry if there are a bunch of other threads covering this same topic. I know this is a zx forum but I've been reading a few threads from this site and it seems like a lot of you can give an unbiased answer. What are the pro's and cons of the 2016 zx10? If anybody has ridden the 2016 r1 how does it compare to the zx10? Also if anybody has ridden the r1m how does that compare to the zx?
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Naturally you're going to get biased responses from either forum you post on...

I've only ridden 2 of the new R1 and neither were the M. But I was not found on of the feel, power felt stronger for some reason, but I wasn't happen with that.

In defense of the R1, my bike is well set up and modded, the R1's I rode were in near stock form at NJMP.
For track use I would chose the R1, the electronics package for a racer is more complete, the bike handles beautifully, brakes are mediocre, but the chassis is supperb...

the zx10r is not a bad choice for track, suspension is great but the electronics dont think is up there with the R1.
If you like twins and heavy go r1. I'm not sure about the g5 but it's heavier than g4 and longer wb than g4 and two stats are deal breakers for me. Not sure when I'll be in market for a new super, most likely next year, but I'd check first for any g4's. If no new are available, I'd then run across the super spectrum looking at weight and wb. r1 is total loser for me. And I've run a few r1's and one fz1 but all were real inline fours.
If your riding is going to be a mix of urban and track use then the gen5 is a better bike than the R1. if the race track is where your bike will spend its maximum time then the R1M it should be considering that it has better electronics.
Like mentioned before, the R1 has a better electronic package. However, most riders will not use it to its full potential. If I took my zx10r out for a track day, I would more than likely set the same lap times as if I were on the R1. Because of that, I could care less about the electronic benefit of the R1. The reason I got the zx10r over the R1 was because my local shop had a 2 year old zx10r with 0 miles and $4k under MSRP. I'm also more comfortable on the zx10r over the r1. I also don't care for the way the front end of the R1 looks. These are all personal preference. Unless you're a fast track rider, I would say get whichever one you prefer/like.
Ive been on a gen 5 and have test drove an R1 (not an M) and they seem as they perform the same around town. The Yama has more low end torque which could make it fun, the kawi has more top end which can also be more fun. I would agree with many others, that is is a matter of opinion. If you are going to use these bikes competitively on a track, then it would be worth it to look beyond the ergonomics.

In my side of the states, I see R1's less frequently and I believe it to be the sticker price vs. the practicality of the bike for the "extra" features over the zx10.
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