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Posting this up for my little brother.
For sale is my 2005 kawasaki zx10r with 5900 original miles! clean title in my name, i am the second owner. The motorcycle runs immaculate and has great power, this will make a great track bike or street bike.


- Full Sharkskinz race fairing kit with custom circle headlight in the middle to make it street legal
- Ohlins steering dampener. 16 click ( not cheap factory one) this unit cost around 450.
- Race tech drop in cartridges and springs. (currently set up for 200+ rider)
- Two brothers racing exhaust
- custom rear tail light/brake light/ license plate set up.
- Zerogravity clear double bubble windscreen.
- Fully adjustable rearsets.
- Carbon fiber front fender.
- CRG race levers. fully adjustable.
- Aftermarket barends
- Frame sliders
- 520 chain kit.
- -1 front sprocket.
- Aftermarket brake lines.
- Rear spols
- Fresh black paint job. (bike was originally titanium silver)
- Brand new dunlop sportmaxx tires.
I know i'm forgetting some things but thats the sum of it.
The bike is great and i love everything about it, but its time for the next toy so i gotta make room.
561-506-0469 Angel. $6500 obo.

this is a picture of it before it was black, carbon fiber front fender and before the lights and plate bracket where made. I'll try and get updated pics soon.

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33 views and no comments... damn no love for my baby?
33 views is not much the sharks are out to maybe looking to see if you will part with some aftermarket parts :idea: .:wink:

Anyway.....when you get 25posts and 30days membership I would like to see start a New Thread under your username not your Bothers and request a Moderator delete this one...with any luck the bike will be gone before that.......Also good bumping depends on what is selling but for bikes no need to bump every few hours. :wink:


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I was one of the 33. I looked, i saw the price, i left.
is it really that bad? i checked all of cycle trader and there were only a few under 5000 everything else was from 5000 6900 range, and only a few had mileage close to mine and only two lower. everything else was 19k 26k 14k etc.

And yes out of florida.

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I have no problem with your asking price, do i think its too high yes, but not my place to say or judge, i dont want to muck up your thread with my opinions. I paid about 1k less than that for mine, 100% stock and 2k miles, and i felt i overpayed. Again im not judging or telling you what you should sell it at or for. I hope you get every penny out of it. I am looking for another one, but something cheap and beat up, yours is not that.
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