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zx10r front disks needed

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Hi guys.
Looking for even one disk for my ZX10. My one is all fuct and warp from the previous idiot who had it.:crying: anyone know of any let me know, gotta get them courier to my country as the agents here wanna charge insane amounts. So can pay you via paypal or whatever. My one disk seems to shudder on braking and when you turn the from wheel the disks touches the pad and then doesn't, so must be warped.. thanks:iamwithstupid:
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what gen?,I have Gen 1 stock rotors Gold. and a set of black ,maybe gen 2.
Gen 4 sadly...dont think Gen 2 or 1 will work...
I have a set with less than 2400 miles on them. Shoot me your address and I will get a shipping quote from our overseas carriers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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