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Zx10r cylinder head

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Can any body clear some info for me pls
Is the 2004-2005 zx10r cylinder head the same as the 2011-2014 ?
Thanks in advance

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So, not sure why you're posting pics of that head gasket. There's so much wrong in that ad. :headshake:

As stated, no the Gen 4 and Gen 1 heads aren't the same. Neither is the head gasket, which is what i think you posted ads for. But I'm thoroughly confused by it. It says "cylinder head rocker cover", but shows a pic of the head gasket. The ZX-10 doesn't use rockers and the valve cover (where rockers are normally used) is completely different than the head gasket.

I would NOT buy that gasket. It's from some unknown company that can't write a matching description. I have no idea what you're trying to even buy since the Gen 1 and Gen 4 heads are not compatible. And I'd buy the OEM Kawasaki gasket depending on what you're looking for.
The thing is we are trying to fit a kawasaki cylinderhead.i ordered this gasket just to compare head size,water ports and bolt space and belive it or not it fits almost staight on.now i need to confirm witch year the head needs to be so that i can buy a cylinderhead.i sent a massage to the seller but no answer so any help would be appreciated

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Looks like i found what yeqr it is 08_10

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