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***ZX-10R Owners please read...ESPECIALLY New Owners!!***

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OK. I'd like to address some issues that I think keep commin up.

This is MHO, so dont freek out if you find it offensive.


Why does my 10r bog down below 5K? Well for one we have what we call a close ratio tranny. To help keep you from wheelieing EVERYWHERE in first due to the min of 150RWHP. The 10r was never designed with pulling away from a stop light in mind. Yes, you may have to rev her up a bit to get her rollin.

Also she's geared high from the factory. this is to keep squids from loopin the bike as you pull out of the dealership parking lot. put a 16t on the front t will help this problem. Yes it will accelerate and wheelie easier. it will also run about 500rpms higher per the same speed.


Which is the best exhaust for my 10R?

NO ONE CARES. There is not one perfect exhaust for the 10r. If you're lookin for extra hp you're nuts to begin with so who cares about that. If you want sound, D&D is loud and typically the shorter the pipe the louder it will be.

Get what exhaust YOU think looks best and leave it at that. it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. MOST all aftermarket exhausts will out last your time with the 10r so IMO, thats not a factor.

If you get a full system you will need a pcIII and remaping. IMHO a s/o is best for most folks.


Which tires should I get?

IF I had to say, I'd suggest a set of PP's or the Dunlop qualifiers. If youre wanting tires that will last you more than 2K miles you bought the wrong kind of bike. Tires are more connected with saftey than folks give them credit and they're cheaper to replace then bodywork.

IE<>Dont wait till they're past the tread bars to replace them.

PSI is very important and connected with tire life. Check it regularly. TEMP changes psi. Cold tires are not always cold because of the outside temp.


I think my clutch feels funny...Im missing shifts.

CHANGE YOUR OIL! If you put synthetic in your bike really earlly...IE, before 1500-2K miles...you may need to take your clutch out and soak it over night...along with your head.

If youre missing shifts and haven't changed your oil recently, git r dun.

If youre missing shifts with stock rearsets, buy some aftermarket ones and it will typically help this problem.


I think my valves are tapping...

They may be...but prolly not. the 10r is noisy. Thats just how it is. If you dont like it...rev the bike up more so you cant hear it. Also, the gas tank presurizing will whistle. thats what that sound is.


My 10r will barely pull up the front end....

OK. The problem isn't with the bike. my bike has pulled up wheelies at 100...in third. thats Stock. Yours will do it too.

If you really think it wont wheelie...go about 50 mph in first, chop the throtle, and then snap it wide open as fast as you can. Tell the EMS that you didn't think a 150RWHP bike woudln't pull the front end up.

***Be sure to have full coverage before trying this, on yourself and your bike...***


Which mod is the best bang for the buck?

IMHO, either the 1/5th thottle coversion for $25 or the 16t front sprocket for $40. If you spend $65 on those two things and do them at the same time you'll swear you went from a stock bike to a Factory backed SUPERBIKE. lol, I promise you that!

***if you do those two mods at the same time you're prolly gonna loop it the next time you ride...please be careful...those two mods are equivilant to about 35 more hp...***

*** I knocked over my bike trying to change the front sprocket. Try to get a rearstand before you do it...and an impact gun. w/out those two tools changing that cs will be a nightmare.***


Which color is the fastest?

Black...DUH! :wink:



My 10R gets headshake...

yes it does. Deal with it and get a damper before you kill yourself. I've had a full on tankslapper at 160+...my GPR saved my life!

Dont grip the bars so tight...and dont land wheelies with the front tire cocked. If you do get headshake be sure to remember to pump up the front brakes. If the shakes bad enough it will push the pads away from your rotors, and if you dont pump em back up you will be faced with a very scarry surprise the next time you go to slow down.
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miykl said:
matter of fact hill still has my T-shirt. Dag gum theiving Hillbilly. :shady:

and since you mentioned it...

I still have your gas can that you forgot as well...maybe if you had come to the race like you said you woulda got both...:idea:

:some more 'tude for the crazy cajun: :wink: :helmet:

And yes Miykl...Jesus does love you! :mrgreen:

back on topic...I think I gotta edit a couple of things in the origiinal post...just FYI.
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VOL said:
Well whats the best DAMPNER :badteeth:
Heres a thread that might help you! :ayyy:

I will assume the afore mentioned post by Zega wasn't directed completely at me...

But to perhaps defend the thread itself.

hillcountry10r said:
OK. I'd like to address some issues that I think keep commin up.

This is MHO, so dont freek out if you find it offensive...
I did prelude my post, and I did answer questions that folks had. And I do respond to repeditive questions as well, as I think we all do.

I wasn't trying to take a holier than thou attitude, but more trying to save us all, newbs and olds some trouble.

wanaride23 said:
Hey, everyone dont take this the wrong way but not everyone has been riding a zx10r since they were first produced, I am new to the 10 myself, I love it and hope that if I have any questions I will be able to get answers without pissing everyone off. Thanks
no worrys mate!

Just dont ask about any in this thread! :lol:
great post...:rolleyes:

Im surprised Im still alive f'sho!
bernod-zx10 said:
I'm too lazy for all that, i'll just grow a bigger pair and twist the throttle more! :crackup: But, i'm interested if it did help you on the track?:ayyy:
yes it did. it kept me from having to adjust my wrist to go from closed to WOT.
as far as hp war I cannot say. However I think just about every mod I had made it easier for me to handle the power...:dontknow:
dont crash it. It really lowers the resale value. Also, surgery is expensive. :lol:

oh okay... i DID have that planned in on this weekends ride... but now that you mention it, it's prolly one I should avoid, huh??....

thnx for the welcome...

but i was thinking more along the lines of the mechanics of the bike...?

Despite the fact that I've been riding for a while now... I've never really "gotten into" riding... if you know what I mean. I still feel very 'squid-ish'.

Been riding pretty hard for about 12 months now, but always kept everything stock never done a real track day or anything like that...

Where do I even begin, when thinking about personalising suspension? Or changing the damper control (it's set at really soft from factory, and has given me the shakes a couple times... but what's really happening when I crank it up to hard? It's difficult for me to tell so far... & what are the dangers or having it in the wrong place?)... and so on.

I've read the owners-manual (of course) but although it explains the 'how' it doesn't really explain the 'why'...?

sure i'm keen on getting into ur hp adding mods... but I'd much rather start with handling/control improvements & alterations that increase safety and confidence.

particularly to gen3 owners... experience/hindsight taught you anything that could help me out?
If it were me, I'd start out w/ things that give me problems...

IE, if you get headshake, get a new damper...or something to fix the problem. If the exhaust is too quiet, and cars keep changing lanes into you, get a new exhaust...

does that make sense?
well tank slappers are caused by i correct suspension setup on the street, as well as on the track. That doesn't mean they can't happen w/ correct setup as well. The more the damper is turned up, (harder) the more it dampens your ability to turn the bars back and forth. You don't always need MAXimum dampening though to fix your problem. If it's happening, I'd try adding a few clicks of rebound to the forks.

Always check your chain tension and tire psi before you ride. make sure there's no puddles underneath there too.
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