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This is the story of me taking my 10R across the Atlantic Ocean.
The last fog-horn sounded-off as I pushed the 10R onto the ship's deck at Wharf's Inlet. The moonlit waves looked spooky as they reflected off the evening sky. I was having second thoughts about this...mainly, because I knew there was no turning back. The night's quiet verve reeked of weirdness, and as I put the kickstand in place, I heard the old wooden structure of the ship's bowel creeking with age. They kicked-out the walkway, and pulled the anchor...and finally, she set-a-drift.
Perhaps the last thing I remember is the whole plank incident, but ya know what, ...details are still sketchy, at best.
The buxom beauty brought me a mug of good grog from the bilge-rat's wine-cellar, and she said her name was Stormy, the nighttime keeper of the ship. Once underway, the pirates crawled-out from the hull and gathered around me in drones. I knew I may have made a mistake, and should've stayed landlocked on the West. But with the 10R on board, too, I hadn't much choice. Cap'n Slappy and the crew of the "Moon's Vessel," saw to it that I meet my demise that night. The grog was now kicking-in, and they drug me over to the starboard-side of the ship and threw me into the brig. I overheard the pirates talking on how they'd throw me overboard once they arrived to the 132nd parallel of the Indonesian Ocean.
"Aye, ye landlubber," said Cap'n Slappy..."who dare board me ship, ye rat! Arrr, drown the mate er chum 'em." I looked at my 10R, thinking we may never meet again...but I had to take the 10R on the great journey that I had always envisioned. As the hornpipes played underdeck, I was tied to a sail raft near the plank. When the sunrise awoke the ship's crew, they were coming...coming to get me! Still drinking the stong grog, I was starting to hallucinate, the sun shining right in my eyes, the salty air blowing my hair...the salty air blowing her hair...her hair was now blowing across my face as she was trying to help. YES...Stormy, the nighttime keeper was trying to help me. She whispered to me that she would help me escape.
The hours passed, the night grew dark and the pirates drew me to my feet, while holding knives, they forced me to walk the plank. I closed my eyes, and prayed that Stormy would somehow help me...I couldn't see her..I had to keep taking more steps to the end, my ZX-10R still parked on the upper deck..What would happen? Suddenly the ship started rocking, the wind grew stonger, slamming the ocean's waves against the ship...The sails aloft, were toppling-over and the a band of pirates at the plank were washed out to sea. There she was...Stormy grabbed my hand and we ran over to my ZX-10, She said: "this is the way." So we got on the bike..Cap'n Slappy is running to us with a sword...yelling with spit flying-out of his mouth...I hit the start-button, and the 10s 998cc engine purred to life. Stormy held on tight, I gave it all she had, and let the clucth fly, it shot up to the sky, and 100ft. flames poured-out from the exhaust, as we gained altitutde into the night, and over the ocean. The Moon's Vessel, self-destructed with Cap'n Slappy and the rest of the crew. We made it. Herbs and spices from the Indies were a tempting measure for the crew, but they had gambled the wrong game.
Stormy was there when I woke-up. She was holding my hand, but she wasn't Stormy, she was someone else that looked just like Stormy...but in a different place and time. They were all there..Cap'n Slappy and the whole-lot-of-'em. They were all wearing white pants, and funky button-down shirts, while sipping tropical drinks with lots of Rum. Bacardi Rum. As we went back into the confrence room to finish our meeting on the new market analysis report from the Jennings account, I couldn't help to wonder how everything seemed so real? Stormy...how could she be so realistic, yet at the same time, not actually exist? What about the ship and the ZX-10R?
This maybe all pie-in-the-sky type stuff, but maybe it was a sign of some sort...perhaps it had meaning?
After the Jennings report, Ken introduced our new marketing manager....and you know what...I was shocked to see that it was Stormy. Was it a dream, afterall? She was wearing white beach pants, too. She introduced herself, and asked me to go boating with her sometime. Wow...go figure. But you know what? I saw staright thru those white pants of hers, and guess what I saw??? a black thong. Shiver me timbers:)

Until the next story....Ride on!
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