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Update - I'll consider an aftermarket header/full exhaust as well, although only if it falls towards the quiet end of the spectrum.

The second weld went, so I'm definitely ordering something off ebay asap, but if anyone has something they think I'd be interested in definitely let me know!

As it turns out, 70,000 tough street miles and the high heat of Phoenix finally took care of those pesky welds on the stock exhaust headers lol. (ok just one of them :p)

I need a new set of headers, stock is perfectly fine with me, preferably in the Phoenix, AZ area, but it really doesn't matter, it's my daily driver so I need the exhaust fully sealed again asap. Ideally someone has one sitting around as I'd prefer to just bolt on a new one, although as I'm writing this if anyone knows of an exhaust shop that will weld them back together that'll probably be just as good (I can't remember what these headers are made of anymore).

There are a ton on ebay but I always prefer to buy parts here on the forum. Here's to getting lucky!
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