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Anyone remember the blue turbo Muzzy Raptor ZX-10r? This was the bike that supposedly made 500hp (I've sorta been around this bike for years now) and it just fell into my hands.. albeit slightly broken.

The bike has changed hands a few times now and hasn't really been used for several years. The previous owner from me took it out and split the cases by the output shaft..fast forward and we have a low mileage '05 motor in the bike now with the "race" head sitting on a stock bottom end (it had turbo pistons in it before and I have a set, but waiting til I get rods to just redo everything at once) right now. This head really is just a 10 head that has been cleaned up, port matched, and the cams have been degreed. Sadly there were some parts robbed off the bike before I could get it so I'm slowly buying the things to return this bike to fully functional.

That being said I wanted to get this bike up and running just on low boost so I could ride it a little bit. After a few nights of tinkering (it was a basket case when I got it) it now will start and idle..for a little bit. It will idle around 2000RPM but then slowly just idle lower and lower til it dies. If the throttle is held open slightly it'll sustain and stay alive, but always drops back down once you let it settle. I've double checked all of my vacuum lines and everything seems fine, but it continues this nature. Currently the bike is running on stock ECU with a zero mapped PC (hasn't been on the dyno to tune yet..wanted this idle issue fixed first), new plugs, an external fuel pump with an FMU, the fuel pressure is at a happy 42psi, and stock fuel injectors. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I'll appreciate any and all help I get because it's driving me nuts.

I have the standalone for this bike that was on it when it was still a "500" hp bike but someone saw fit to cut some wiring apparently so I'm having the harness repaired by the company that produced it. The 650cc injectors also were just sent off to be cleaned and flow tested. I'm looking forward to getting it back in "peak" condition plus a little better..the motor will have more than just head work and pistons in it this time (well and a trans with some work done to it).
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