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Woolich Mapshare for drag racing...anyone have one?

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I'm building my bike for drag racing and was wondering if anyone has a Woolich software map they would like to me to share. If so let me know ur mods, what ur 1/4 mile times are and a link to share. Thank you. I'm currently running Yoshimura r77d 3-4 pipe but plan on selling that for either a full BROCKS alien head 2 or Graves system.

Thank you.
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You can't do that. You can't share a Woolich map from person to person like that. It has to go through the Mapshare site. Someone would have to post all their settings and you'd have to manually enter them if you wanted to go that route. You can't even open their map in your software to look at it as it's tied to each account. Have you already looked at the Mapshares out there?

And there really wouldn't be a "drag specific" map unless someone has something set up for MR12 on one of the settings versus pump gas or E85 on another setting. So I don't think you're going to find much help in your request, nor is the request really valid. If the bike is running fine already, then just take it to the strip.
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