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Won't turn on

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Fuel pump doesnt work, when I connect on the battery dirctly it makes a pressure

The relay box just clicking

Sorry for bad English
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Most likely a dead battery. The clicking is in sync with the oil pressure light. Can you jump start it? What happens when you press the starter button?
The battery is ok, when I press start button Engine cranks but won't start

Plus vire from pump is improvized to the bulb

I saw in first video dash self check don't pass. Interrupt in the beginning. Check all earth , dash plug .
But for me still bad battery :) Replace battery or add one with cables if not fit (maybe from car ,does't matter) .
Frankly, no. Everything about that video makes me think that it's a low voltage condition. I can't tell what you're attempting to do with that small ass gauge wire grounding out with a socket, but that's not doing anything good either. Not sure what that whirring noise is in the video either. What is that and where is it coming from?

Get a set of jumper cables, hook them up to a car battery, and attempt to start the bike. Do not use that speaker wire to do it either. You need to be able to pull some amps through the cable and there's a reason the cables to the battery are as big as they are. :wink:
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I bet this sound is from exhaust butterfly valve actuator.

When try to turn supply voltage drop down and everything reset.
SkyDork is spot on, the battery is toast and the clicking relay gives it away as voltage is dropping below usable range and then back again. Also you can clearly hear the starter struggling. Great info guys.

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Its not a battery problem, I add one with cables from car and its not help.
The battery can be the short in the system. Using a multimeter, what is the voltage before and after cranking? If you don't have a MM then disconnect the motorcycle battery and connect the "good" battery only. Good luck.

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I disconnesct my battery, and connect other, its not help...
Well it seems like the starter is not getting enough power from your video. Do you have a multimeter? Measure voltage drop and measure continuity.

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