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Hey guys, I know I am new here. Not new to motorcycles at all. I have a 2013 ZX10R and this thing has me stumped. A little info.

2013 ZX10R non-ABS
Block off plates
Guhl flash
M4 Slip-on
Servo removed
Air Valve removed
K&N Filter

I received my ECU back from Guhl, installed. Bike fired right up. Turned it off. Installed a set of Vortex rearsets. Tried to restart the bike. Nothing. It turns over, but does not start. Doesn't even try to start. I pulled everything apart, checked and I am getting spark. Once all assembled again, TB valve cycles and fuel pump primes. It just won't start. The FI light is on and blinks while trying to start it. The "FI" on the LED comes on while trying to turn it over, but goes off once I stop pressing the start button. I try to retrieve a FI code, and there is nothing.

Battery is a OEM unit, in good condition. I do not believe this bike has a immobilizer, but not 100% sure. What else will stop this thing from starting? I have spark and I have fuel...... Ideas? It ran right after installing the ECU.:confused:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts