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have some windscreens that we are looking to sell off at lower than dealer cost just to move them. at these prices these will move so grab one if you see something you want.


memphis shade gradient black 03-04 cbr 600rr-$30
zg db ds 07 cbr 600rr-$60
puig db blk 07 cbr 600rr-$60---SOLD
zg db ls 04-07 cbr 1000-race bodywork that incorporates the 3rd light-$60
hotbodies gp clear 04-07 cbr 1000-$45
(2) puig db clr 04-07 cbr 1000-$50 each
memphis shade gradient red 03-04 cbr 600rr-$30
zg sm series ls 03-04 cbr 600rr-$30
zg db ds 03-04 cbr 600rr-$30---SOLD
zg sm series clear 01-06 600f4i-$30
puig db clear 07 cbr 600rr-$60
(2) puig db ls 07 cbr 600rr-$60


zg db clear 03-04 zx6-$40
puig std ds 04-05 zx-10-$40
puif db ds 03-04 zx6-$40
puig db clear 05 zx6-$40


puig db clear 04-05 gsxr 600/750-$40
sportech v-flow smoked 00-03 gsxr 600/750-$30
zg db yellow 04-05 gsxr 600/750-$40
zg db clear 06-07 gsxr 600/750-$40
zg db ls 00-03 gsxr 600/750-$40


puig db ls 04-06 R1-$40
(2) puig db blk 06-07 R6-$40
puig db ds 04-06 R1-$40---SOLD
zg db clear 08 r6-$40
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