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I have a power commander Wideband commander I'm wanting to sell, going a different route. I've had it for a few years and does exactly what its supposed to. The main difference between the WB1 and WB2, is the WB1 has a ability to datalog into the memory of the unit. After a hit on the track or run around a road course simply connect your laptop or tablet to the WB, open the Wideband Commander program and download your data. It'll show you RPM, Throttle position and AFR. It has an alarm feature which allows you to customize a warning such as low oil pressure. The Wideband commander also has a feature which you can customize to activate something such as a relay or in my case turns on my aftermarket shift light.
This is also a great tuning tool if you have access to a dyno, you can have the WBC program open and running while doing dyno pulls as it will display real time data.

Asking $200 obo. Comes with everything needed (except for a bung) to get you started with datalogging AFR's.

PM, email [email protected] or text me at 503-508-4689. Price includes shipping (within the US)
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