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White smoke and intermittent cylinder drop?

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Hey all,

About 1,000 miles ago I replaced my plugs and ignition coils. Bike ran amazing. Two weekends ago it started driving weird - almost like it was flooded (real boggy). It would go back and forth between running well and running shitty. The tone of the bike changed as well - it almost sounded like a 4 stroke. I was about 70 miles from home and pulled over at nearest gas station only to realize my tank was completely empty (27 miles on a full tank???). The bike had also started emitting white smoke that smell very heavily of gas. I filled up and decided to try and drive home. About halfway back the bike started running fine and I could see the temp gauge go back to where it normally was during the wknd - about 179 while just cruising around. Strange thing is that it would only run crappy for a few minutes, then run fine. . . rinse and repeat. I took the tank off and the plugs look fine. I was hoping it was a loose connection, but I'm still getting the same issue. Below is the video of how it sounded. Any suggestions?


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Power commander? Battery? Battery connections? Stator voltage? Spark plugs can look fine, but does not mean they are fine.
If it started happening suddenly make sure to get rid of all the fuel in the tank and refill with fresh. Don't just top it up but actually empty it. Like asked above, does it have a power commander or other mods? If yes to Power Commander unplug it and go back to stock to rule out a problem with that, they are often responsible for problems. Actually unplug it, don't just load a zero map. After that's ruled out move on to other parts of the fuel system, are the injectors all clean and not filled with shit or gummed up etc?
I appreciate the feedback I've gone through two tanks of gas from different stations since this started. When I get some time this weekend I will attempt troubleshoot some of your suggestions. More to follow.
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