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A couple of questions about the sub harness that goes to the coils.

1) What does the white plug go to? (circled in pic below)

2) The four black plugs - One has white tape on it - Is that for coil #1 (on right side of the engine)? That's just a WAG. I assume it matters which plugs go to which coils. I can probably figure out the other three once I know which end goes where. I'm not even sure which side of the engine the main plug is on.

I have a manual, but have not been able to get answers to these two questions from it.

I've got the engine in my race car, and have started figuring out the wiring. Hope to try and start it up within a few days. Still lots to do, though.

I am pretty sure that goes to the emissions control box for Cali bikes...if you have block off plates all the hardware is now gone so that plug is useless.


PS...if you still not sure and no one else confirms I have pics from my Valve adjustment somewhere I should be able to find that should show that.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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