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So, I have in my possession a set of forged magnesium 10 spoke wheels supposedly for a ZX10r.
However, the location of the rear brake disc is all wrong, and too far outboard to fit a gen5.

Can yall take a look at and/or provide pics or measurements of the rear brake rotor in relation to the wheel rim lip?

On the Gen5 the rear rotor is inside the rim of the wheel by a few mm.

Which gen (if any) has the rotor outside the wheel rim lip by about 5-10mm?

Id like to find these wheels a home. 25mm standard gen5 rear axle diameter.

And before anyone mentions that the rotor pad is interchangeable, already checked and Marchesini doesn't sell just the parts. So getting spacers, or different rotor adapters would require a custom machinist.
For someone who can do that work themselves or has a friend, these wheels would be a steal.
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