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Mods are in my sig. I'm still looking for some more power. How ever with nitrous, I'm not looking anything over the 20 pills and 30 absolutely max. I'm looking to keep it practical.

This is a street driven bike, the bike doesn't see the track, an occasional strip visit, but gets the hell beat out of it on the street.

I've kind of got it figured out about the nitrous and going to do a ColdFusion kit with 1300Gixxers spray bar, and try to figure out some how to hide the bottle.

If I'm going to go with cams, I might as well go ahead and rework the whole head right? Its got 18k on it and had the 15k valve check up and only one valve was "out of spec" and it was just barely out of tolerance. The way that I figure is I'm going to also have to have the ecu reflashed or get an IM to extend the revs. I would say that another 1000rpms would be okay out of it with the 08 int. race and is it a 1g or 2g exhaust cam?

I'm just concerned at price vs performance that the jug is the way to go, right? I mean we are looking well over $1000 for the cams, springs, reflash, and labor right? For the tune though, I'm going to be getting an autotune for my PCV. I know with nitrous, I would have to probably go to a tuner instead of the autotune being able to tune it.

What are your guys' thoughts? Just looking for a fast reliable straight line bike. Oh, fwiw, I'm still SWB but planning on stretching around 8" max later on.
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