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Thank you in advance, I appreciate any insight available. I want to add a slipper clutch to my 2000 ZX12R. I have been reading all kind of stuff and it seems like they are all pretty good.
On the Kawasaki forum for 12s (almost dead)
Almost no info for a slipper in a 12. Ducati folks have a lot of good stuff on the different Sliprs but they are dry. So I thought I would see if I could get some better direction with my Kawasaki brothers.
STM and TSS...Yoyodyne too(I think it is a tss)
are available for the zx12.
Any recommendations?
Is Quality good for both?
I think STM is adjustable, ?
TSS may be adjustable with different mix of springs ie 3oem 3brock...and does anyone know if this is true?
Any insight on the characteristics of either?
Any other choices to consider?

Again thank you for any direction, much appreciated.

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