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What is this connector?

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Hi guys, first post and I need some help!

Long story short, I was going to attempt changing the Starter Motor today but realised the vids I'd seen on YouTube are with bikes without ABS, and the lines are in the way.

Anyway, I've put the bike back together and I have KIBS flashing, plus ABS and a Warning Light. Went for a spin to see if it cleared and realised the auto-blipper no longer works (it was enabled before I bought the bike).

Either I've missed a connector (no idea where?) or broken something, but does anyone know what this block/wire is?

Bit weird, but I just don't remember splitting it.



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Lambda sensor in exhaust. Also known as O2 sensor, oxygen sensor.
Ahhh.... Thank you.

The bike had previously been flashed.

Is it likely this was left intentionally unplugged?
When you load a custom map on the bike, people disable the lambda yes. If you leave the lambda in the bike after a custom map, the lambda will try and make changes again to get the bike back to the OEM map.
That's perfect.

I didn't remember splitting the plug, because I suspect I probably didn't- it was unconnected from before.

Now let's hope that unplugging it cures the error.

Thank you.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts