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What is the point of failure on these motors?

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I have an 08 ZX10 that I am really considering turbocharging this winter. Without getting in to too many details of my plans (that would take a couple of paragraphs) I was curious around what horsepower these things fail, and what component gives out. Also, are these motors internally the same as the 04-07? I believe it was Wiseco, but I saw one company that sold pistons and listed them as being 04-08 ZX-10R.
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The biggest thing will be to keep a good tune in it. I had a oiling issue which caused mine to fail,however had that not happened everything else looked fine. I dont know of anyone else that has one turned up as high as mine was and it was just fine.

Everything that Dean said is right on. Figure out what you are going to want in the end. 2-3 years down the road, this way you not spending twice a much down the road to do it again.
Go with the v-band. It will be lighter and it will be easier to package.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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