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What is the point of failure on these motors?

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I have an 08 ZX10 that I am really considering turbocharging this winter. Without getting in to too many details of my plans (that would take a couple of paragraphs) I was curious around what horsepower these things fail, and what component gives out. Also, are these motors internally the same as the 04-07? I believe it was Wiseco, but I saw one company that sold pistons and listed them as being 04-08 ZX-10R.
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I think the pistons will work from wiseco and JE.... they make 10.5:pistons for them... I've seen a few guys running around 300hp on stock motor with turbo pistons but when you get to high hp turbo motors i think 450 was pushing it????
you have to completely tear the motor down since we have top case blocks..... I think the bottom end is what fails.... honestly though if your only looking for 200-210 to the wheel you could probably boost about 4-6 psi on stock pistons and be fine.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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