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hey everyone, i did a search and didnt find a ton i thought would be helpful...so here goes.

06 zx10...just under 12k...mobile 1 every 2k...ok..so....

bikes always ran perfect. still does...all of the sudden when i was going to lunch today it wouldnt start. it wouldnt turn over or click or anything. the gauges lit up and i could hear the fuel pump and servo do their things. but as soon as i hit the starter the FI light would flash until i let off the starter. i fiddled with the shifter....it was in 1st cause i was parked on a sorta incline. so i went to go to neutral and when i found neutral the light wouldnt come on. weird right? so then i try to do it again and it still doesnt start. i fiddle with the shifter a bit and then it starts just fine. also should note: the times it didnt start, the PCIII didnt light up and do its dance.

i went to lunch and when i got there i tested this again, same symptoms. fiddled with it and away it went.

left lunch, started right up with no issues at all....got back to work and tested again, works like a charm.

i have no tools with me at the moment, but i plan on checking the battery leads and the PCIII connection. my guess is something is loose. id say it was the PCIII except that the neutral light wasnt working as well. any ideas? i have tried to be as concise with the description as possible. what else should i check?

also...fuck me...its raining now....it was nice in ann arbor like 40 mins ago. oh wait...its michigan... :idea:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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