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Just noticed my water pump is weeping.

Of coarse have track day next weekend.

It looks like only choice is new unit? I don't see
any parts listed or aftermarket parts to rebuild?

Not sure if will be able to get new unit in time
for next weekend.

Currently starts to weep right around when thermo opens and
then stops at full operating temp. When weeps only drop or two but

Any idea on how fast these things seem to go once they
start weeping? In other words if I can't get new pump
this week could I still try to get a track day out of it?

My thought is keep eye on it and just make sure doesn't really
start blowing coolant and should make it another track day (100 +/- miles)

I only use non glyco coolant and also have catch pan.

Don't want to loose track day money if can't get new pump in time.

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