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VholdR 10r mounting locations?

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I couldnt pass up the $99 killer deal on VholdR cameras on Amazon. I bought two. The problem is mounting lcoations. The one I have tried so far (lower front fairing, stock mount) output uber wobbly video.

Well, anybody got any to share? Please include photos. I am especially interested in novel/alternative/custom mounts and locations. I'll probably end up buying a RAM mount and using that with some sort of custom braket, but am interested in others' ingenuity.

Thanks in advance.


PS, I have an 06 10r, though interested in everyone's mounts.
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That is one of the dodgiest websites I have ever come across. Not knocking their product (yet), but the website is terrible, plus it looks like almost every single photo has been poorly photochopped to stick their product on something. dear god....
After further perusal, I am knocking their product. That is just plain bullshit. Its so ridiculous its funny, but somehow not.
havent seen their site just saw the ad in cycle world
No worries Duran, not directed at you.
kewl thanks man. FYI VholdR should be coming out with a "unviersal mount" that will slide into their slots (I can never remember the name of that jig-type setup) and then screws onto most standard RAM/other mounts. I think its a 1/4in female thread.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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