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ok...so i was cleaning the basement prepping for our move thats just over the horizon and i came across these old parts for my beloved and much missed 05 10r. im not really looking to make a bunch of money off them...just find them a good home...so im going to make this easy. the parts shown/listed are $20 each plus shipping. except the mirror...pay shipping and it's yours. first come, first served. although dusty in the pics, everything is in fairly decent condition...some small scratches here and there. the fuel tank has a small raspberry on the right side and the paint is blistering a little in places.

if you have any question, want additional pics or are interested in buying, PM me.

  • front fender
  • inner fairings (left and right...sold together)
  • air box with ram air tubes
  • left mid fairing
  • ecu and relay (ecu is stock and has not been flashed)
  • left mirror - SOLD
  • subframe tray
  • clutch cover - SOLD
  • fuel tank (no pump) - SOLD


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