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If anyone is interested in my old slip-on let me know. Two other members asked but it didn't work out. Here is a link to another thread that has pics;

It is about 1.5 months old, had about 3K - 3.5K miles ran through it, had a O2 bung welded in, mid-pipe painted with a can of header paint (flat-black) from advanced auto, muffler ends painted with semi-gloss black grill type paint. I am asking $250.00 (includes shipping to the lower 48 via UPS). I will let this post go until Friday and then put it on E-bay. You can PM me or send an email to [email protected]. I no longer need the pipe since I went with a Full System. I bought the LOR for $350.00 shipped, paid $40.00 to have a bung welded in (for the autotune project),$12.00 for a couple of cans of paint.
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