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post this on the ZX6r board, bringing it here for my gen 1 brothers.

ok, there has been enough questions asked, and info given to make a thread on how to correct the mushy brake lever, and losing pressure of the stock 04-05 zx10r non-radial master cylinder. the best upgrade is stainless lines from one of the major players, (i prefer spiegler), and the 14mm radial master (with the brake lever) from the 05-06 zx6r (even the bronze color of the 04-05 10 master is the same on the 05-06 zx6r master for those of us that are ocd about our controls colors). You can buy new, or find these used on ebay or a cycle part recycler.

yes, you can opt for a newer 07-current model zx6r 16mm radial master, which will push more fluid and give more brake feel. but, you have to buy a new brake lever too, and the master is black not bronze.

yes, you can opt for the r6 oem brembo 16mm radial master, which will push more fluid, and give more brake feel. and you have to buy their lever too, and the master is grey, and you are putting a yamaha part on a kaw, what a sacrilege :D.

yes, you can spend BIG BUX and buy a high end master system, and their levers.

you can upgrade calipers, to further upgrade the system as well. more added cost.

all of this is not required to get a good lever feel on the gen 1.

you can buy a new 05-06 zx6r master, or you can buy a used one and you can rebuild the 05-06 zx6r master with upgraded parts, in about an hour yourself, for a little over 60.00 in parts, and basic tools, and mechanical ability.

here is your parts list needed from kawasaki to rebuild the 05-06 zx6r master. you will need the master and the brake lever from the zx6r, as well as crush washers for line/master replacement.

new master rebuild kit p/n 43020-0012 list 45.93
new o-ring for resivor elbow 92055-0741 list 2.80
new elbow cover seal 49016-1147 list 4.29
new elbow for resivor 13159-1061 list 8.86

both the rebuild kit, and the o-ring are updated parts, you may opt to re-use the elbow and cover seal but, for the price and peace of mind, i replaced them.

not including the cost of the used master, this all will be, 61.88 plus tax, at the local dealer, or you can call Robby at full throttle motorsports in lansing, mi. 800-393-2600, or 517-646-9850.
if he gets enough interest he will stock these as a kit, and send them to you direct. mods can remove this info if it is deemed not to fit the rules.

you will need a master and lever assembly from the 05-06 zx6r, bottle of new brake fluid, (dot 4), a set of snap ring pliers, an 8mm end wrench (to break bleeders open and close, while bleeding the brakes.) 2 empty bottles to catch brake fluid when bleeding, and about 36" of clear hose to put on the bleeders (18" on each caliper). to watch while bleeding. and standard tools to remove brake lever and master from bars. lots of paper towels, and brake cleaner.

you want to rebuild the master on a bench (easier than on the bike). you will need to replace 4 crush washers on your brake lines to the master (dont forget to order them, you cannot re-use the crush washers).

step one, bleed the sytem dry by opening the bleeders on the caliper, and pumping the brake lever till all the fluid is out of the master resivor and lines. wrap paper towels around any body work to keep fluid off, brake fluid will remove paint if not cleaned and removed from painted surfaces quickly.

loosen the brake line bolt to the master, and remove brake hose/hoses from master and wrap them in paper towel to absorb left over fluid, (yes, it will keep leaking even if you bled it all out).

remove the master resivor hose from the master elbow, again, paper towel is your friend.

remove the brake lever from the master.

remove the brake switch plug wires from the brake switch on the master.

remove the stock master from the bars, and set it aside, you will not be re-installing the stock master.

if you bought a new 05-06 zx6r master, install it on the bars, and connect the brake lines, and bleed the system. if you bought a used master...

take, the used 05-06 zx6r master and lever assembly, and remove the lever, remove the rubber boot from the master plunger that goes into the brake lever. this exposes the snap ring that must be removed to get to the guts of the master that you are replacing.

remove the snap ring, pull out the inner piston and oring assembly. what you may find is a nasty thick glob of what looks like grease but, it is thickened brake fluid causing your sealing issues, fluid issues, and lever issues. clean this all out with brake fluid, and dry it. make sure you blow through the elbow, and get all small orrifices cleaned.

open the new master kit, notice you have to put the rubber seals on the piston yourself. they are different sizes, and need to go on the correct way, look at the old piston to confirm you are installing these CORRECTLY. work at them slowly, they are tight, you dont want to distort or tear them IN ANY WAY.

once you have the piston seals on, put a little clean brake fluid on the orings to make install and sealing better. install the new plunger, spring, and piston into the bore of the master. install the new snap ring, and the hard part is DONE.

next remove the seal from the elbow, and it's snap ring, remove the elbow, and the elbow oring, and reinstall those new parts, in reverse order.

install the master on to the bars, the lever, resivor hose, the brake lines and configure everything, BEFORE TIGHTENING EVERYTHING DOWN, for the final tighten. make sure to hook your brake light switch wires back on the switch.

once everything is routed, and you are all set, make sure you tighten the brake line banjo bolt with NEW crush washers to oem spec (see your manual).

now fill the resivor with new clean fluid, put a clear hose on the master bleeder, with the hose going into a holding bottle to hold the fluid to dospose of properly later. start bleeding the master first. pump the master, hold the lever, open the bleeder, close the bleeder, and then release the lever and pump up again. it will take a bit of pumping to get the master "primed" because it is ENTIRELY EMPTY from you cleaning it out before the piston install.

once you start getting solid fluid into the hose, close the bleeder on the master, and put the hoses and bottles to hold the bled fluid, on to the calipers once again. bleed the left side (as you are sitting on the bike) first, till no air bubble show up. then go to the right side doing the same. keep and eye one the fluid in the resivor, DO NOT LET IT GET TOO LOW, OR YOU WILL BE BLEEDING EVERYTHING AGAIN.

bleed the master one more time, bleed each caliper one more time, making sure you have a strong solid lever, and no air bubbles when bleeding.

at this point, you should have ALOT BETTER LEVER FIRMNESS, AND FEEL.

i have done this to two 05-06 masters, and with the updated piston kit, the master is very simlar to the 16mm masters on the newer bikes. the lever is firm, not mushy, and holds its pressure like it should. no more pumping them up or bleeding to go for a ride.

even with the stock tokico calipers... with good lines, good pads ( i prefer carbonne lorraine c59 pads), rebuilt master bled well, with good fluid (i prefer motul rbf600 dot4), the stock calipers and master will do a great job. i use this set up on our track bikes, and i can one or two finger brake, from 150 mph, to 75-85 mph at our home track from the front straight, to corner one with no issues on lever feel, fluid, or brake fade. i also have this set up on my 04 zx10r street bike with no brake issues AT ALL.

hope this helps those that may not want to replace the ENTIRE brake system, to get rid of the mushy master/lever feel that the 04-05 zx10r's are "known for". it really isnt as bad as it is made out to be on the internet, and it can be fixed quickly and inexpensively without replacing the ENTIRE BRAKE SYSTEM. Ski

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Nice write up ski! I'll be testing that ZX6R with ohlins rear and brembo fronts at Putnam Park in July. I put the 10R back on the street been nice riding around, but the damn cagers keep trying to get me! Semi truck rode me all the way to the shoulder yesterday, I'm laying on my horn and the SOB is like oh my bad. LOL

Keep the rubber side down Bro!!
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