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Objective: To disengage said bra without looking like an idiot.

What You Need:
1. Girl with bra
2. Two functional hands
3. Common sense


1. "The Houdini Hug": Using sleight of hand, place arms around girl and unhook bra. Try to refrain from saying, "Ta-da!"
2. "MacGyver's Off The Shoulder Slide": An alternative method to use after 10 minutes of unsuccessful hugging.

Do Not Use: Scissors, blowtorch, pliers, wire strippers, cutlery, black magic, staple remover, chainsaw, brute strength, CB4, set of lock picks, or chisel and hammer.

Warning: When removing a bra, do not say the following:

1. "I really want to thank you for this."
2. "Dammit! I thought they were bigger."
3. "Do you have any cereal?"
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