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Hey all
Uk bike zx10r 2005 has the grey wire / resistor symptoms ( irregular non starting , cranks over but won’t fire , eventually after like various attempts will start )

when it starts runs fine , it’s just getting it ti start
It doesn’t fire on any cylinders just turns over when cranking so it’s as if all 4 pots don’t get fuel / spark

nothing changes then after like so many failed attempts randomly it will fire

everything possible changed - no difference

cam sensor
Crank sensor
Airbox sensor
Coolant sensor
Fuel pump
All wiring checked
Starter solenoid
Diode mod on starter trigger switch
Power commander removed
Cold start linkage adjusted

came across the U.S issue of resistor in ignition switch ( underneath it ) and the symptoms when this fail are same as mine

problem is the Uk bike doesn’t have this resistor it has its own immobiliser system factory fitted

wondering if I put this resistor in it may cure the fault ????
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