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i have added this subject in the forum but in the zx14 discussions

now i will paste it here

thanks to Ken in orient express he gave me good prices comparing with other companies :D

well guys what i have bought at the moment ,,
Swing arm 10 over stock
Oil pan 1 1/2
bazzaz + self map
sprocket 16/43

all of them should be on a Stock engine

the thing is my there is no Quickshift for bazzaz in the zx14 2010

this is one issue ,,,
the other thing if u wanna run the bike on the turbo running about 5 to 6 PSI
on street gas
i am afraid of knock on the piston

in Cars we redues Timing ,,
any other thing i can do for my Package ?
i am looking for a software which is i can have a Table to change timing ,,,
incresing or decresing
any ideas ?
or i just can run this machine on Stock timing ?
other question ,,,
when tuning the bike ,,
is it like Car ? i mean the Air Fuel Ratio
in Cars with Forced induction we make the target 11.8
what about bikes ?
should it be 11.8 or higher or lower ?
please need help ...

the main important thing for me is the timing issue ,, i hope someone can help me with that ,, and please dont tell me take your bike to this company or that company Because i am not in the USA
and i am doing all of this business myself ,,, i hope i get an answer about the timing issue

another question ,,,
have any one tried Stock engine ZX14 with 10 over stock swingarm
Turbo on the 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile ?
the turbo is Garret gt28
orient express stage 1

how much power i should get from the bike on the stock engine and stock Fuel system ,, stock injector :D

cheers guys :D i know its many questions and not orginized :D but sorry ,,, english is my second lanuage :D

cheeer :S
thanks again for Ken in Orientexpress for helping me :D and beeing so patient with me :D
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