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Trying to add Photo's...???

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Been trying to add photo's of my Gen. 1 but, the files never attach or upload when I submit my reply or thread... :frown2:

I just uploaded through the advanced option so I hope something shows up... Just wanted to get other ideas from you guys as far as doing more to the bike. I want to Powder Coat the Rims next. Was thinking Gold to match the forks or the R in the decal on the rear Cowl.

Throw some ideas my way...


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Looks like you got the picture thing figured out. Advanced, browse for the pic, hit the upload button, then post the reply. You got it.

As for the gold wheels idea..... :throwup:

It's your bike and if you like it, then go for it. But I think the gold color looks horrible, but it would look especially bad against the magma red. You should be changing your brake calipers and fork tubes to black to match the wheels. :wink: Or put red wheels on to match the bodywork. Since the gold you're referring to is anodized, matching that in a powder coat will be extremely difficult. And then you'll have gold, bronze, black, and red. Quite the smorgasbord of colors. :headshake:
I like the idea of blacking out the calipers and the forks...
Red wheels to match the bike... That may be a little too much Red going on. Too much Red is not safe where I'm from... :headshake:
Well considering the bike is at least 10 years old I wouldn't do anything to it unless it was to make it into a track bike. But if you really wanted to spend money on the bike id do maintainence. replace all the rubber hoses, ss brake lines, new air filter, sync carbs or throttle bodies, take rear end apart and regrease and lube everything back there, service chain, change to high quality oil and filter, nice tires, maybe new brake pads, checking steerin head bearing, grease all cables, check wheel bearings.

Alternatively since you park your bike in a rented storage facility maybe save up to rent/buy a place with a garage?
You already have an exhaust. So maybe a power commander.
I was looking for a place with a garage but, those places were super expensive. I managed to acquire a place that was on the 1st floor so, once again she gets HVAC treatment.

Bike has PCIII USB, K&N Filter, Full Akrapovic Evo 2 exhaust. I run Delvac 3000 engine oil w/ K&N Oil Filter. I just flushed the radiator and refilled with fresh distilled waster and Engine Ice, all hoses have been inspected and replaced if needed, flushing brake fluid next week since the bike is at a torn down state now (replacing transmission and undercutting gears). New set of Dunlop Q3's are on her now 120/70R17 & 190/55R17 *Tires are stunning*, have Ohlins Steering Damper from '06 - '07 ZX10R with Harris Performance mounting kit, looking into SS brake lines now. Want to do the brake upgrade as well... I maintain the bike pretty good. Just trying to see what other ideas are out there that I haven't thought of yet.

Looks like the Gold Rim idea is out the window... Guess I'm stuck with a custom 1 off Rim Tape design and Tire markers for the lettering.
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