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Im setting up a nice ride this saturday

Route: From the Bronx (MEETING SPOT TO BE DETERMINED BY MYSELF UPON HEADCOUNT/LOCATION OF OTHER PEOPLE COMMING), Up interstate 684, to Route 22, to Route 7 - Finally heading into the southern tip of MA. Then west through the farm lands etc, finally south on the Taconic. Roughly about 300 miles round trip.

Advisory: This ride will not be 55mph. Please if you have an issue with doing slightly above the posted limit this ride might not be for you. we will be cruising on the highway about 60-70+ and will have a few blasts intermittently. once we get up towards brewster and we are on route 22 it begins to get curvy etc. We wont be blasting through towns and stuff like maniacs. We wont be doing burnouts or wheelies. No aggressive passing or other crap. i will personally "biker boyz kick you" off your bike. If thats your fancy please stay home.

Please make sure you have INSURANCE and REGISTRATION.

Grab your leathers, throw on your riding boots and lets carve some road.

Kick Stands up @ 10am. If you contact me prior that your running late we will wait a couple minutes but not too long. I estimate we will be back around 3pm.

I personally look forward to meeting some of you and making some new riding friends.

Start the sign up List- Phone Number optional for texting purposes so i can contact you guys via group message (copy&PASTE)
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