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Rattler said:
I can't remember where I saw it, I did think it was here!!! But I've done a full search and its showed up nothing.

I do seem to remember it being in official instructions, so I've pm'd Ivan and am awaiting a response.

I thought that it was in response to some issues that some had experienced when fitting the mod and that someone (Ivan I thought??) had provided updated fitting instructions to ensure that the TRE worked effectively.

Could have been just me drunk again though!!!

Thanks for your help guys.


Here you go Rattler......

You will need a T25 Security Torx bit (one with the cutout in the head) to complete step 5. The best way to accomplish is to use a 1/4 inch wrench on the bit to loosen the 2 screws. You do not need to remove the screws completely, but just loosen. Once the the 2 screws are loose, the entire assembly slides forward like it's on a pivot point.

The directions were a little unclear for me, but it makes sense once you loosen the screws.

TIMING RETARD ELIMINATOR*- Part # TRE-006 (2004 ZX-10R) *(patent pending)

Please read and understand all of these instructions before installing this product !!
(you may waste your time as well as our’s by not reading them)

1) Remove fuel tank & airbox

2) Locate GPS connector at bottom of fuel rail on left (green 4 wire connector) and release from fuel
rail. (you will need to depress the release tang)

3) Separate connector and remove the 2 wires (green w/red stripe and black) from the female end of
the connector (the end with the male pins)
You will need a sharp pointed implement to depress the latches that hold the pins into the

4) Install the pins that were removed from the stock connector into the supplied connector.
a) When installed correctly, you will hear a click when they seat.
b) Pay attention to their orientation as they will only fit when in the proper position.
(if you force them they will get damaged)
c) It does not matter which side of our connector the green/red or black wires are installed on.

5) While airbox is off, locate the sub-throttle sensor….
(controls secondary throttle plates, located just to the right of throttle cables, 3 wire sensor)
Loosen security torx screws (you will need a T25 bit with hole in center) and rotate sensor fully counter-clockwise (towards front of motorcycle)
Re-tighten screws.
If sensor adjustment is not done, bike will have softer Full Throttle response between 3000 and 5000 rpm
Stock sensor readings just for reference:
(readings need to be taken from sensor terminals - not wires- with sensor unplugged!!)
Blue/White – Brown/Black 1.09K ohm
Blue/White – Blue 4.16K ohm
Brown/Black – Blue 5.13K


6) Plug in the T.R.E. and re-install the airbox and fuel tank.

To get the very best results, re-mapping is recommended, but not necessary.

This unit may be used in conjunction with the Dynojet Power Commander.
(recommended when aftermarket exhaust is used)

7) Enjoy your improved driveability!!
And remember........ I designed this product for you, to make your ride more enjoyable.

Thank you for your purchase !!

Technical questions - 845-268-1212

**We offer substantial discounts on aftermarket exhausts and EFI systems and can provide you with a complete exhaust and fuel delivery package that will greatly improve the performance of your motorcycle which is as plug and play as you can get.**

Use of this product may not comply with your warranty!
Use of this product may cause your motorcycle to violate Federal Safety and/or Emission laws!

Rockland County Motorcycle is not responsible for any consequential damage to you or your motorcycle due to the use of this product!
This product will provide improved throttle response!
Take time and get used to your added driveability!
This Product is for "Off Road" / "Race Use" only
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