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I won't be back out there anytime soon, partially due to winter, mostly due to the busted leg I managed on a dirt bike (not even a spectacular crash - go figure). Doesn't mean I'm not getting an itch to get back out there, so, since I'm already going a bit bonkers, here's a quick photo timeline of my track progress thus far:

First trackday ever, won a pass to a day at Thunderhill in 2011. It was my first time at a track, and the only one I did that year:

My third trackday, second one in 2012, on my first dedicated track bike, a 2002 R6:

Mid way through 2012, finally made the move up to the A group:

Didn't do much in 2013 due to personal finances, came back part way through 2014 after buying my 2007 Daytona:

Started racing (veeerrryyy slowly) the second half of 2014:

2015 was my first full season racing with the AFM. I moved from being the clear back marker to pretty mid pack (novice) by the end of the year:

This past year things came a long ways. Good coaching combined with more experience and developing racing from just a hobby to a passion and things made even more progress than I expected:

Also saw my first win (Novice Legacy Middleweight) in 2016:

Due to the massive progress, I was left with a decision - sink some (fairly serious) money into my current bike to try to make it a little more confidence inspiring and competitive, OR, invest in a new bike. Sinking a bunch of money into an almost 10 year old bike seemed silly, I had met all my goals on that bike (actually blew them out of the water), so new bike it was. I decided to get the bike I really wanted - I could continue to learn sticking with the same size bike, but if I was spending the money, I wanted to get what I really wanted - so, bit the bullet, and (happily) purchased my 2017 ZX10R, which will be the race bike next season. I'm also moving up to Expert, so jumping headfirst into the deep end of the pool :biggrin:

And the set up has already begun:


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Congrats on the bike change AND moving to expert this year. That's a big accomplishment in itself. Get that leg healed up and get ready for a great 2017 season.
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