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Check this link out...


I've got a local friend who's selling this for about $4500. It was a crashed R1 that was rebuilt w/ track riding in mind.. check the list of mods.. not too shabby, huh? For those of you with track exerience, is this bike worth purchasing? For now, I'll keep my 10R, but perhaps later in the summer I may sell it to offset this immediate purchase.

Anyone have experience with R1's? Any buyer beware concerns for these Yams? I like the valve adjust interval of 26k miles.. and of course it's fuel injected. Has the PCIII and quickshifter too... etc etc etc.

Don't hate me because I'm straying from the flock, yo... ! Let me know your opinions, my fellow nutcases...



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Put it this way: If you wanted to put that package together yourself rather than buying it already built, you could not do it for that price ... not even close.
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