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I used to be really impressed by the Superhawks.

Anyway, we rolled on from 50 mph in top gear and the ZX walked away quickly. I thought all that low-end would help the Superhawk, but it appears that they geared it really tall in top gear. At 50 mph, the ZX was at ~3600 rpm and the Superhawk was ~2000 rpm, so I had an almost unfair gearing advantage.

We swapped bikes and rode for a while. I still like the Superhawk, but it doesn't seem nearly as fast as it used to.

I also rode my brother's brand new F4i and anyone that says the ZX-10 handles as good as a 600 must've rode an '89 CBR600F1. I know the weights and sizes are nearly identical, but the F4i still feels lighter and more responsive in the curves. I think the F4i carries its weight lower in the frame. Overall, it's an impressive 600 - responsive at low rpm, comfortable, smooth, good handling, sounds cool too.

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