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First thing is I live in west palm beach!!! I'm off this week first time in 15-16 days running, I want to ride out but my best friend has to work and my nexted right hand man is doing the same!!! So basically I jumped on my phone before work last night and called about 5-6 different people I ride with and all 5-6 of them are working LOL, whats this world coming too...Well to the point I want to ride out, so if anyone in the martin county, palm beach county, borward county area that wants to meet up and do a member ride and just hang out and shot the shit, send me a pm and we can maybe set things up for saturday night or a sunday morning ride. Right now it looks like I have one member up in vero that might ride out sunday morning but you never know. Lets do the damn thing and stop talking on the NET LOL....
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