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Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers

There are many reasons to have tire warmers, and you don't have to be in the Championship hunt to benefit.

We make 3 models for motorcycles that can fit your needs. ALL have the same superior main parts:

The differences between the models is the temperature controller and if it is temperature adjustable:


· Unique “Full Coverage” heater design, providing uniform heating across the heating area & surface

· DuPont Aramid Fiber Insulation for maximum heat retention

· DuPont Fiber Melt-Proof Inner Liner, with Temperature Sensitive Dye (shows misuse or malfunction)

· Easy on/off with our internal shock cord and strap

· Neon Operating light indicates the warmer is heating -blinks on/off when full temp is reached

· One Year warranty , Nylon carrying bag for the warmers


· ALL the same features as the Standard with the addition of:

· Hard Carrying Case for the warmers

· Temperature Adjustabilty at a Privateers Price - 3 settings 130, 155, 175

Just flip the switch!

Save heat cycles on your tires in between sessions
Match the warmer to your tire brand's recommendation
Heat rain tires safely

The top of the line is our Digitally Controlled Pro-Line model

ALL the same top quality features -heating element, melt-proof liner, Dupont insulation PLUS:

· (2) Digital Display Micro-Processor Temperature Controllers-adjustable from 38 to 100 degrees C, in increments of 1 degree with the push of a button (100 to 212 F, display can show either F or Celsius) The display actually shows the tire surface temperature while the warmer is running

· Hard Carrying Case for the warmers

· Hard Carrying Case with foam for the Temperature Controllers

Match the warmer to YOUR tire brand, compound, track and conditions
See you actual tire temperature with confidence
Save heat cycles
Set your Hot Pressure in the pits - BEFORE the race
Heat hard compounds at a higher temperature
Heat Rain Tires safely
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