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(mods, this may belong in another discussion but I thought was track related. move as you see fit. thx)

Sooo, last weekend at TrackDaz (Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA) I had my second ride/second day on the latest N-Tec Dunlop DOT rear race tire.

We rode it one day at Buttonwillow with TrackDaz July 1st (approx 135 miles) and at Willow July 29th with TrackDaz (approx 145 miles), 280 total to date.

Anyone at Willow last weekend knows it was stooopeeed hot (111 in shade on our meter) Sunday. :rolleyes:

The tire was awesome ALL day long, and we actually ran our fastest laps very late in the day when "let loose" by our riding partner for the day (while he enjoyed riding with his friends).

Tire wear has been phenomenal, the thing looks ready for another full day at the track. After two fairly long and very HOT days at two different tracks, I'm really pleased with it. Traction was great in all situations. This tire IS a little lower in height then the previous 190/60x17 D209 I was using, so our gearing was a little tighter but, honestly, that worked really well at both tracks. The bike I was riding (MotoForza/TrackDaz ZX-10R) has 159rwhp per L&L dyno (@2415ft asl), and the hook-up we enjoyed was fine. We ran a medium compound (I dunno the # off hand but can check later today when I see the bike in the trailer).

We started the thing at 23psi cold (before riding Sun am, tho' air temp was like 75+ already). It rose to 30 hot after second (slightly faster) session, and we bled it 25 hot. Dunlops' website actually recommends 23 hot at tracks other than Daytona, but I was told by Gabe Smith to run 25 to 27 hot. It worked great.

We matched this N-Tec rear with a D209 front (758 soft) which has held up well considering the heat, and should be good for another typical "average pace race group" track day. fwiw, we were running mid-pack mid-pace speeds in race at both of these days...not expert level race pace, but I am sure this tire will work really well when one wants to go in 1:26's and faster (WSIR times as an example).

O' course, ymmv but...I will buy another one of the N-tec tires for sure. :wink:

From Dunlops site:

Just released, the all new Dunlop D209 Sportmax GP! New size rear 190/55X17 (the old size was 190/60X17) and 120/70X17 medium compound!!!!

• This new rear tire has Dunlop's JLB construction, which in layman's terms means it fits all of the current Japanese 600 to 1000cc sportbikes and has no clearance problems."

• Also.......since it has the JLB construction, it doesn't grow in circumference with speed, so the high speed stability problems and higher operating temperatures of the past, are now virtually gone!"

http://dunlopracing.com/home.htm (I bought mine from Sport Tire Services at the WSMC meet in June).

Thanks for reading. :mrgreen:
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