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I noticed on track week ago that I actually was fully pinned a few times.
A few times?

Pretty much on every corner exit should be twisted to the throttle lock.

Not sure but seems most people go for a shorter throw. I know I did
because the 300+ times per session going from full off to full lock was
killing my wrist and if you don't have a good hand position it's hard to
get to full lock without having to re position your hand.

Shorter throw is much mo betta, solves these issues

+ on the Motion Pro, works great.

But you want a longer throttle throw? Hmm.

Maybe I just read your post wrong.

The Pace
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if running full and pinned, on a track, then your selected gear is wrong. If running full and hit limiter but need only a couple hundred extra rpm for before the turn, then change out that cassette. Any throttle change out ripples all other areas of the loop UNLESS you have hit a certain level of riding ability; meaning, not much bothers you. However, since you asked this question, and failed to drop a gear...everything bothers you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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