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Throttle bodies balancing

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Just read below from Woolich Racing Forums. Any experiences about this? Especially for that below 4k rpms range.


Re: ZX10R 2016 Running very badly below 4000rpm
Postby WoolichRacing » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:15 am

Something else to consider, i was talking to the head mechanic at one of the larger local Kawasaki dealers, and he mentioned that the 2016 ZX10R's can need the throttle bodies to be balanced after run in, it is a common cause of the bikes running rough at low throttle openings.
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It's possible. Not likely, but it never hurts to check and verify. It's similar to synchronizing carbs in the old days, but the TBs require turning the air screws to get them balanced as opposed to just the mechanical shaft adjustment screws.
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