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bluedevil said:
:eek:t:....KaTooM...did you know Kneedrager has been looking for you?

Thanks for the heads up! :helmet:

Sorry for the repost.

Have you tried the kiss each other command! :crackup:

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ok fine I had some extra time on my hands so I tried a few commands and here is what I came up with:

"show me your ass"

"show me your legs"

"show me your toes" don't ask where I got thise one, but they give each other a wedgie lol

"show me your smile"

"show me your pu**y" this was dumb

"show me something nice"

"shake your head"

"run around"

"show me your lips"

"hug her"

"jiggle your ass"

"dance for me"

"jump for me"

"spank her"

"rub her toes"

"clean the car"


"bend over"


"sit down"

"wave at me"

"get her wet"

OKAY AND HERE IS THE REAL KICKER!!! the BEST OF ALL! and I dunno how I come up with this one

"PLAY XBOX" goochie goochie goo!

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST! and I kinda already knew what they would do for this command, but didn't hurt trying :(

"will you marry me"

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They don't do anything close to what I'd like to see! The one in the middle is f*@k'n HOT!

So far I've done





Blow me a kiss (Ya'll will like that one)


Show me your tits

Wash the car

LOL!! Tell them to show you their pussy! That one's pretty good!
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