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Ok so I'm thinking of trading my ZX-14 for a ZX-10. I am sure I can't swap some one strait up for an 08-09 so my question basically concerns the 04-05 and the 06-07. ok first it seems that most prefer the 04-05 over the 06-07; my question is why is this. I know lots of people don't like the under seat exhaust of the 06-07 is this the only reason? And second some seem to like the 04 more than the 05 and others the other way round but both parties seem fanatical about it. so what is the real difference between the two? thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Below is a pic of my 14. what do you think I can get in trade for it? It seems that 10 guys don't seem to have a lot of interest in a 14 so should I sell her off and try to buy the 10 or is trading it a real option.

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