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1, I used to have a real bedwetting problem , but the last couple of weeks I seem to have got it under control.

2, I know we just met and this might seem a little sudden , but could you lend me $500?

3, I don't see my ex-girlfriend that much . . . thanks to the restraining order.

4, There's $10 riding on me bedding you tonight.

5, Do you want to see my collection of Ted Bundy memorobilia?

6, You could be a real babe if you lost a couple of pounds.

7, What are your feelings about whips and chains.

8, Sorry I can't see you tonight--- I'm on a work release program.

9, Would you like a ride home on my moped.

10, Wait till my wife hears about this!

11. Yeah, sorry bout the coffing...its the AIDS.

12. So, uh, you werent that fat on your myspace pic.
13. Damn it, i wish i were really blind for this date.
14. I left my wallet at home so if you dont feel like washing dishes tonight, pay up bitch.
15. Wanna give me head? No? How bout a lil hide the tip? Wait, your leaving? Allready? I havent even gotten a chance to give you the ruffy.
16. My parents aren't home tonight, it's safe
17. Do you know why it would burn when I pee?
18.I guess i'll use a condom. Cuz i dont wanna give u HIV too...=-)
19. I wonder if you squeal like your sister?
20. did i mention i'm asian from the waist down?
21. Im McLovin bitches!!!!
22. Sorry, next time ill last a lil longer than just me getting my pants off.
23. What was your name again? Kathy? No, Sarah?
24. So when are we gonna get to the NSA stuff?
25.do you mind if we make a quick pitstop at the pharmacy???? i need to pick up my valtrex.
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