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Thin Head Gaskets Gen 1-3 OEM Kawasaki

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Selling as a lot of 3 Kawasaki OEM thin head gaskets.

1 each .50
1 each .55
1 each .60

The stock gasket size is a .65 so all 3 are thinner than the stock gasket. The .60 and .55 could be used as a stock replacement gasket or for mock engine builds. The .50 is a high compression head gasket and you should check clearances before just bolting it on.

Purchaser gets all 3 gaskets for $90.00 shipped "To Your Door" via PayPal and Priority mail.

For Sale to the LOWER 48 US States only. I will not ship out of the US and am NOT interested in breaking up the lot and just selling the .50 alone. All or nothing.

Items ship the next business day after purchase and you will be emailed a tracking # the same day.

If interested PM for PayPal address. Ready to ship out, already boxed up.

Thanks, Boxtradamus.


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I'll buy these if you still have them.. PM sent
I have had a lot of interest on these, but alas, no actual purchase.

First person to send payment can have them.
Shit I forgot to come back and check my PM's for days.. Sorry Dude.. Glad you got them sold
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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