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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the board and I am looking forward to making new acquaintance… I recently acquired an 2006 zx10R (Gen 2)

Currently I could use more than a little help!

I have read through most of the posts concerning thermostats and I have determined that I need to replace mine.

However, the local dealer doesn't have one in stock and said it would take a couple of weeks (I just don't think he likes me).

Thus, my first question is the thermostat the same size as an automobile?… with or without a jiggle? and what is the proper operating temperature to purchase?

If not, could someone please enlighten me as to the size so I might acquire one quickly.

Further, I have been attempting to put my bike into dealer mode, but I don't seem to have the loose wire as depicted in some of the other posts.

However, I do have an electrical junction where one of the contacts seems to be open I will enclose a picture.

I am specifically referencing the electrical junction as illustrated in the picture with 4 outlets, one of which seems to be opened where a wire could be inserted and then grounded.

All helpful suggestions and any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, in advance for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,



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Welcome to the party F-18! Nothing like putting it in afterburner mode on the Gen 2! :wink:

First off, the thermostat is may be the same as an automotive one, but probably not. The operating temp of it 136-144 deg F to open. You typically don't buy them based on operating temps. You would have to measure the diameter and length of it to match it with an automotive one to see if it will fit in the housing. I can't point you to something specifically available in your area like that. Kawasaki typically takes 5 days for delivery on OEM parts. Just because the dealer tells you "2 weeks" doesn't mean it will take that long. That's just a standard response they usually give. :dontknow:

Dealer mode has nothing to do with wiring. You don't have to do anything except push a button on the cluster to pull the FI codes. It's detailed in a thread here on how to do that. If you press the button, it will switch to "dealer mode" and show the code. That's an old term used from the older model. You shouldn't be anywhere near that fuse panel and don't need to connect anything to it.
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