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The Kawasaki R2 is Kawasaki's Supercharged 600

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Yes, you read that correctly and yes, you should be very, very excited

Kawasaki has a 600cc supercharged sportbike in the works, as revealed by design drawings filed Kawasaki's legal department. The drawings outline the new model named the R2...

The Kawasaki R2 is Kawasaki's Supercharged 600 | Cycle World

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Competition for the Yamaha R7 coming out?
So, no point for 10r? Now the 600SC will be just as quick?
Why does the line drawing look like a 2005/06 ZX6R (636)?
Why does the line drawing look like a 2005/06 ZX6R (636)?
The softer front of the bike doesn't look as aggressive. You are right it looks like an much older zx6r.
I'm calling shenanigans on this. It really does look like an 05 636 with the butt hole exhaust and everything.

I don't see the need for something like this. Sure doesn't look like the supposed trellis frame, either.


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See what I caused lol.
However, there is also the possibility that only the supercharger and intake elements in the drawing are of the new bike, with the rest coming from an older model to help disguise it. That face looks like the 2005 Kawi, and most manufacturers have dismissed the undertail exhaust as it's too hard to get them to pass Euro4 regulations.
Often in these filings companies supply drawings of the newer motor designs wrapped with older models. Most times it's only the new technology that needs to be accurate and the overall appearance does not represent the final product, if that product ever makes it to market.
Sorry, But This Probably Isn’t A Supercharged 600cc Kawasaki R2

Sorry, But This Probably Isn't a Supercharged 600cc Kawasaki R2
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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