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when i find a product that i like i try to promote it as much as possible. this is one of those products.

i had a guy turn me on to this stuff at the track. i grabbed a case while i was there and decided to try it out. this is so simple even BD could do it!!

never hand wash or dry clean your leathers again!!

there are 2 bottles that make up this "kit"

the first bottle is leather infusion wash. take your leathers and put them in the washing machine. yes, i said your washing machine (make sure to remove any armor/pucks before doing this). next, turn the cold water on and set it to the gentle cycle. pour in the 4 oz. bottle of wash


after the wash cycle, push your leathers to the outside of the washer and add the rinse bottle (make sure you let the water fill up in the washer before adding).


pull out your leathers and let them air dry.

here is a video for your enjoyment:

BOTH wash and rinse 4 oz. bottles run $8.35. we have this stuff in stock and ready to ship.
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