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tanks dented need help

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so im not into racing or know many cost effective ways to fix other than take a beating at a body shop.. dent is about a baseball maybe slightly smaller.. and it has a crease.. i do have a pic but not sure how to put it on here.. thanks any help would be greatly appreciated..
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I've heard of people doing the dry ice trick to pop out dents. I've personally never done it.
I've been told that pressuring the tank will cause the dent to pop out. With a crease? Not sure that would wok well though.
moto salvage. Search and everyone ships stuff. These guys get stuff:


Better for them to ship as their parking is limited. But search for moto salvage guys.
Does it leak?

If not, on my last race bike I had a friend who was good with fiberglass just build out the corner and left the dent in the tank. Actually worked really well, and once painted, you couldn't tell at all.
i watched a vid thanks to the pressure response done with a tennis ball and compressor.. ill try it..
and emailed the guys from the salvage response..
Thank you guys for the help. when i get this dilemma ill up date (try to get help from my lady to include before and after pics)
If any1s intrested again thanks for the help!! hang ten bruhhs
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PS>if all else fails ill fiber glass it is
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